8 Essential Tools for Closing Deals during Business Trips

Close Deals and Get Paid Instantly

Business trips are hectic. Even if we have a well-thought schedule in mind, have everything prepared and complete all the tasks we can before the trip, time is never enough. It is often a big headache when closing deals at trade fairs and meetings because we haven’t prepared the appropriate tools to eliminate all those “excuses” for delay. Below is a list of the top essentials for being on time, and most of all, closing deals.

Stay Fresh and Be On Time


1. Clothing Refresher

No time for washing during your trip? Make sure you bring this Clothing Refresher with you for a vegan anti-bacterial and odor removal spray to keep your clothes fresh and clean. Simply spray it all over your desired clothing, leave it for a minute or two to work the magic, and it is good to go. The sprays are great for keeping your clothes fresh in between washes (excessive washing might cause color fading and shrinkage). There are handy travel sizes available in three natural pleasant scents – original, bouquet and lavender. It will also save you space for an extra bottle of perfume.

2. World’s Smallest Portable Iron

Shirts need to be crisp to give a professional impression. This tiny portable iron will come in handy for last minute treatment of your crinkly clothes.

3. TrackR

The biggest problem of renting a car is forgetting about where we park it every day. This location tracking device is the best thing to have for hunting down your forever changing car parking space. It will definitely save you a lot of time wondering around and panicking. And for frequent travellers, sticking one in a hidden compartment of your luggage would be a security measure in case of losing the bag. A friend of mine even said it would be useful for parents who often lose sight of their kids – perhaps sticking one on them would be a good idea.

4. goTenna

Talking about driving, GPS is one of the greatest inventions. But it would become useless if there is no cellular signal of any sort. goTenna is the ultimate solution to enable texting and GPS in such situations, especially if you are driving across various states.

Instant Payment and Accounting

5. Instabridge

Get connected with a wifi sharing community near where you are. Get this free app to explore all free or paid wifi connections available to stay on top of things like electronic invoicing, payments, and emails.

6. PayPal Here

My personal top essentials for everyday business outside of my office. We never know when we will have an opportunity to make a sale, but when it comes, we might as well get completely prepared. This credit card reader by PayPal is my go-to gadget to take payments anytime anywhere. The service charges might be slightly higher than their normal plans but this is a great handy tool for trade fairs, pop-up events and sales pitches for fashion products. I find it extremely useful for securing order deposits without unnecessary delay.

7. Wave

This invoicing app is one of the best one so far. First of all, it is free to use; secondly, it allows direct credit card payments via the link on each invoice you send. The built-in reminder system is great for busy entrepreneurs to have a good overview of outstanding payments and instantly send reminders. I cannot recommend enough of it to small business owners.

8. Filofax Clipbook

Call me old school, but I prefer Filofax Classic Clipbook to Moleskin because it is more practical and offers a similar minimalistic look. With the ring clips, you can basically customise your notebook with inserts like mini folders, pockets, monthly or weekly planners, portable hole punch and so on. There is a slot between the rings and cover for a pen as well.

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