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The tricky part of travel packing is the frequent questions about the baggage size and weight limits. I personally have the biggest headache on that, so I have gathered information from major airlines to help you with your smooth trip planning. I have included international routes in the table below for standard economy passengers.

The list will be updated from time to time, but please be alerted that some of the airlines might change their baggage allowances and fees without notice. If you need more details, click on the airline official websites on the left of the table. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below this post. I will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information that I know of.

Baggage Size Allowances

Airline Carry-on baggage limits Checked baggage limits
Air Asia 1 carry-on luggage 56X36X23cm, 7kg + 1 “personal item” such as laptop No free baggage allowance included. It is possible to pre-purchase baggage online in the following weight increments:

International – 20kg/ 25kg/ 30kg/ 40kg

Air Canada 1 carry-on luggage 23x40x55cm, 10kg (22lb) + 1 “personal item” 16cm x 33cm x 43cm, 10kg No free baggage allowance included. First two checked bags $25 each, plus tax. $100 for additional bags. Bags are limited to 23kg/50lbs each
Air France 1 carry-on luggage 55x35x25cm, 12kg + 1 handbag/laptop 1 X 23kg
Air New Zealand 1 carry-on luggage 118cm total, 7kg + 1 thin laptop pouch 1 X 23kg
Alaska Airlines 1 carry-on luggage 61x43x25cm, 5kg $25 for each of your first 2 bags; $75 for any additional bags
American Airlines 1 carry-on luggage 56x35x23cm + 1 “Personal Item” 1 free checked bag on most intercontinental flights. Please keep in mind they do charge an exorbitant amount ($100-$200) for a second bag on trans-Atlantic flights.
British Airways 1 Cabin Bag 56x45x25cm + 1 Personal Bag
90x75x43cm, 23kg x 1 UK domestic/short-haul, 23kg x 2 long-haul
Cathay Pacific 1 carry-on luggage 56x36x23cm, 7kg 2 X 23kg
Delta Air Lines 1 carry-on luggage 56x36x23cm, 7kg + 1 “personal item” Most Delta flights to international destinations allow economy passengers 1 free bag of up to 23kg, and will charge between $40-$100 for a second bag, depending on the destination.
Easyjet 1 carry-on luggage 56x45x25cm No free checked baggage allowance. For a fee, you can put one bag in the hold weighing up to 20kg. The fee for checked baggage varies by destination. It is probably cheaper to purchase your checked baggage allowance online on the easyJet website. (£11 – £21 per bag per flight, depending on the route and flight period)
Emirates 1 carry-on luggage 55x38x20cm, 7kg Economy passengers on flights to/from Canada, the USA and Brazil are allowed 2 bags of 23kg/50lbs each.

On all other routes, economy passengers are limited to a total of 30kg/66lbs.

Finnair 1 carry-on luggage 56x45x25cm, 8kg Your baggage allowance should be printed on your ticket as either “1 PC” or “2 PC”. This indicates whether you can bring 1 or 2 pieces of free checked baggage. Each of these items is limited to a maximum of 23kg/50lbs.
Icelandair 1 carry-on luggage 55x40x20cm, 10kg + 1 “personal item” 2 X 23kg
KLM 1 carry-on luggage 55x35x25cm, 12kg 1 X 23kg
Lufthansa 1 carry-on luggage 55x40x23cm, 8kg + 1 “personal item” 1 X 23kg
Qantas 1 carry-on luggage 115cm (56x36x23cm), 7kg + 1 “personal item” 2 X 23kg (International Flights to North and South America) ; 1 X 30kg (International flights excluding North & South America)
Qatar 1 carry-on luggage 50x37x25, 7kg 1 x 23kg
Ryanair 1 carry-on luggage 55x40x20cm, 10kg You’ll be made to pay for EVERY checked bag on Ryanair flights. These should always be purchased online for a fee ranging from 15-45 EUR/GBP for a first bag, and 35-50 EUR/GBP for a second bag.
Singapore Airlines 1 carry-on luggage 115cm, 7kg On flights to/from the USA and Brazil, 2 checked bags free of charge. On flights to/from the USA, the weight limit is 23kg/50lbs per bag. Flights to/from Brazil, 32kg/70lbs is allowed per bag.

On all other flights, there is no limit to the number of bags, as long as the total combined weight of all your bags is below the weight allowance of 20kg/44lbs.

United Airlines 1 carry-on luggage 23x35x56cm + 1 “Personal item” 22x25x43cm International destinations will allow the first bag to be checked free of charge, but a second bag (also limited to 50lbs/23kg) will charged a higher rate. This rate varies from $40-$150.

Please note that the United Airlines baggage policies have been recently updated, so make sure to check the current regulations for what will apply to your flight.

Virgin Atlantic Airways 1 carry-on luggage 56x36x23cm, 6kg 1 checked baggage
90x75x43cm, 23kg. Exceptions: On flights from the UK to India, flights from the US & Canada to India, flights from the US to South Africa and flights from the UK/US to Lagos the allowance is 2 bags.

Hope the information helps solve your questions on baggage size limits! If you wish to add any airlines, drop me a comment below – I am happy to research and share. Happy travels!

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