Classy Men’s Salon BRUNEBLONDE

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This is not a normal hair salon – it’s a 5 star one, especially if you are a man. In its Parisian “appartement” setting, BRUNEBLONDE is designed by a Hong Kong-based architectural design studio One Space.

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This is what you see upon entering the salon, welcomed by a piece of gorgeous stone with hints of Tiffany blue, specially designed by the studio. I have to say that and the oak floors are my favorites of the whole space – make me feel like home.

OneSpace_Retail Design_BruneBlonde Hair Salon_Grand Hyatt HongKong_31_cu...

This piece of hand-crafted polished copper reflects the hand-drawn painting on the opposite wall.

OneSpace_Retail Design_BruneBlonde Hair Salon_Grand Hyatt HongKong_33_cu...

OneSpace_Retail Design_BruneBlonde Hair Salon_Grand Hyatt HongKong_06_Wo...

The salon is divided into a women’s and men’s area. This white area is a pure women’s side, with a very open view.

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Here, we have electronic seats adjusting to the height and position that you are comfortable with while shampooing.

OneSpace_Retail Design_BruneBlonde Hair Salon_Grand Hyatt HongKong_29_Me...

Here comes the exciting men’s corner – the dark side.

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         I have the simplicity and the classic barber shop layout. Sophisticated with a neutral color scheme. Those comfy seats can be turned around for shampooing with a hidden sink pulled out from the mirror stand – saving all the walking to the women’s side!

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If you prefer some privacy during your haircut, there are rooms for you – they can be joined together if you like to have a little hair styling party with your friend. My favorite touch – the marble stone next to the sliding panel echoing to the stone table at the main entrance.

Very well designed salon for those who truly need a personal relaxing time in it. Quality to the eyes are essential – definitely a feel good factor.



Mezz Floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong   Tel: +852 2511 3988

One Space:



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