How to live with less for a bigger goal

Living more with less

“Minimalism” is a frequently abused word in these several years. It is often referred to a very simple style in appearance, often in black and white colors. I would definitely want to avoid this word, while aiming to clear out more space in the mind for the highest priorities.

Quality over quantity

Recently I have moved to a new apartment – the packing process was kind of delightful as I was making the most out of it to give away all the things that I never use or I don’t personally need. It was kind of a nostalgic moment going through all the histories of documents, photos, birthday cards…etc. When it comes to clothes and beauty products, I relentlessly gave away all those I haven’t touched for the past month. It was obvious that I don’t need any of them in my life. The ones that I use every week are those matter most, and I’d say they are the only quality ones to myself.

A few steps to kick start your simple life, simple mind

I came across this book “Simplicité – How to live more with less” by Dominique Loreau who lived in Japan and got inspired by Oriental philosophy such as Zen. It sounded quite intriguing so I decided to give it a read. If you are interested too, I would suggest to focus more on the mind section, rather than the materialism part – although that should be the prelude. Here are a few useful steps recommended in the book if you are ready to welcome a simple yet quality life:

  1. Make a detailed, personal list of all your possessions. This will help you strip out things that are of no use
  2. Waste less time, make the most of more
  3. Save in order to work less, not buy more. Make money your slave, not your master.
  4. Stop making value judgements. Don’t place too much importance on things or events.
  5. Discard negative thoughts and concentrate your energies on what you truly want to be or have. Say goodbye to materialism and anger to welcome a calm and clear mind.

A new start for myself

So far I have taken baby steps in the process, and feel great. Living with less weight is nice. I only possess the essentials and have packed a bunch of things to be given away to good friends, who might put them into much better use. I am not saying we don’t put on any makeup anymore, but we can always combine lipsticks with lip balms like this Tom Ford one in the photo above. Less weight in the bag for everyday use. Time to start making cleverer choices and have less mental burdens!



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