Penta Hotel

Penta Hotel has opened last month in an interesting area in Hong Kong – San Po Kong – which is a rather aged industrial area where garment and printing manufacturers base in since the 60s.


The atmosphere in there is very chilled and relaxed one,with some stenciled story on the lobby wall showing some old Hong Kong humanity.


There is a casual pizza bar on the ground floor. Apart from that, there are a few HK-focused bits like the foodstreet restaurant in the picture below, imitating a “dai-pai-dong” outdoor food market, combining some cozy chairs apart from the metal stools.




Personally I really like the fabric patterns on these chairs… quite harmonizing while adding a hint of bright colors in.



This is the other side of the kitchen area. Loving the soft touches of the very local chilli sauces and this big bowl of spicy chillies.



And my favorite part is this Lego seating plan for the restaurant! They have a little bowl of Lego heads to put on the seats when they are booked. It would have been cuter if they use a Starwar themed one haha!


There are quite a lot of chill-out areas in the hotel like lounges, playrooms, computer desks…etc.






For people who are working there, it is a cool new spot for an after-work drink or beer. Prices are quite reasonable in the hotel bar.


Penta Hotel: 19 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong   Tel: 3112 8222

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