Grooming Session for PYE Shirts at PriceWaterCoopers

A few weeks earlier I was invited by the renowned men’s shirts brand PYE to have a sharing on men and ladies’ grooming for work at PriceWaterCoopers. I talked about the optimal wardrobe – meaning how many and what kinds of clothes you really need for work. ThereĀ is always a good reason to clean up the closet, and start to think and pick which are the essential items to properly invest on.

Menswear is somehow giving people an impression of a lot of limitations, but I think it has even more room of flexibility and playfulness as there is a basic framework to start with – you won’t go too far, as long as you stick with quality materials and fit.


A good quality with the right materials, collar shape, buttons, cuff, fit – makes a whole lot of difference. This one is from PYE, and I’m not hard selling… I am in love with their solid color shirts (yes, it’s menswear but I wear them as shirt-dresses) in the wrinkle-free series. One classic color with a bit of “depth” is all you need!

photo 1

photo 2

A few pictures from the PwC Grooming Session where I was sharing a few tips on the wardrobe and how to spot good suits and shirts.

2014-5_CUPPA Magazine

I wrote a bit about menswear and the fun within the “normality” framework at CUPPA Magazine – just out this month.

The Grooming Session brought me back to the corporate world and I have to say it is very exciting! Can’t wait for more collaborations on the topic! Thank you PYE!



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