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This time, we are delighted to chat with Suzanne Santos, the Ambassador and Product Advocate for Aesop. What’s more, LUSHGAZINE is about to have a joint event with Room to Read at Aesop’s New IFC Flagship Store later this month! Exciting isn’t it?! (Click here for event details)


The Aesop skincare brand was launched in 1987 by Dennis Paphitis. Suzanne has been with the company since then – working, living, and representing the “quality lifestyle from inside out” philosophy that Aesop treasures in every aspect.


It’s been 26 years since the brand established, and we are in Hong Kong for 15 years”, said Suzanne, “we are all very excited and emotional to have the new flagship store in IFC.” Designed to be different, no two Aesop stores are of the same design – Dennis Paphitis enjoys working with different architects around the world – he believes “there’s a direct correlation between interesting, captivating store spaces and customer traffic within a store“.


Suzanne discussing shop details with Kian, Hong Kong based in-house architect from US

Aesop has their own in-house architects to design and create an innovative retail space for each single store, and this up coming IFC flagship store is an exciting and challenging project to work on. “For Aesop, the architectural design direction will be around 3 ideas – honesty, simplicity, and courage“, said Kian, “the honest applications of materials that can be easily accessible in the area, simple designs without overdressing them, while pushing the limit of what the material can do for the design.”



I personally love reading all newsletters and book recommendations from the brand as they are like an online lifestyle magazine – without any hard-selling or promotion on their products (yes, not even a word). “Life is interesting! Why not take, consider, and share?! The products speak for themselves“, said Suzanne.

As a global cosmetic company, we are different – from the very beginning, we view the market with a very different set of values. And our expectation has been that our products, the actual experience, the product performances are the keys to who we are. Moreover, the experience of the brand in various channels – our newsletters, online, stores…etc is a deeper and broader interpretation of life.



Aesop is opening a new flagship store in IFC Mall this month and LUSHGAZINE is happy to be co-hosting for their first event in the gorgeous and exciting space with Room to Read – an educational charity organization helping to build libraries for schools in need, enhancing the educational environments there and also providing material support such as school fees to allow girls succeed in classroom and beyond.

Do come and enjoy some organic wine, experience the new shop, try some products, and support for a good cause! Hope to see you there!


Event date:

25th July 2013 (Thursday)

6:30pm – 8:30pm



Aesop IFC store, Shop 1088B, IFC Mall, Central, HK


Event Special:

– wine and nibbles

– 10% off on all Aesop products

– 10% of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to Room to Read

– Special souvenir for each guest



RSVP here or email to pr@lushgazine.com




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