#TheTalks – Ama Huen Ning’s Transition

Ama Huen Ning

Artist . Singer . With Heart & Soul


A good friend, a genuine person, a respectful all rounded artist – this is what Ama Huen Ning is to me personally. It is an honor to have a LUSH Talk with her on her “Transition” on art and music.



It has been 10 years of Ama’s painting life surrounded by a dark atmosphere. Eyes, ears, mouths nose all scattered and growing from trees… all in a dark earthy tone. It has been long enough that she saw the end of it, while it had been suffocating and tiring to find a new way to go with the same direction. It was a perfect timing for a transition, which happened all so naturally, with her first experience of being a mother.

“It is a transitional period I would like to share with people,” says Ama.

How did this “Transition” come to your paintings? Did you struggle to get to it?

“The ability to undergo a transition is probably a dream for every artist. After the exhibition of my new works of Domestic Series 2012, my Chinese University teacher was very glad about my change, finally a breakthrough after many years.” And this change came so naturally, after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy Harper. It is not a forced change, it was all initiated from deep in her heart – the way she thinks, her direction has totally undergone a re-birth.

“After becoming a mother, everything is not only about ME,” Ama felt that she had to be a better role model for Harper to follow – to really go for what he wants to achieve, not only for money and rewards, but for what he really love.

Less is more while keeping the gist

Even though the mood and content for Ama’s work has changed, her favorite gist is still there – surrealism. Being a mother has driven Ama’s thoughts on her work to be a lot more focused, and direct. “When one can work on ‘minimal’ – it truly expresses the gist of ‘Less is More’. When one can think that way, act that way, and create that way, that’s the best. I have even thought of being Ronald McDonald – only wear the same outfit every day and get rid of all the other redundant clothings. I could free up so much space to do other things!”








For Ama’s music side, the “Less is More” theory is reinforced. She has signed as an independent artist with 89268, which is a production house for lots of concerts, while they are one of the few organizations who support independent artists who creates music heartfully, and drive the whole presentation/music composition/concert on their own, with their own style and way to do it.

What’s your new direction on music?

“Gradually, I enjoy doing music on my own, instead of having a full band. I like simple music, but melody always comes first – it is just like a poetry, speaking to people.” She now enjoys working on her very own music, from composing to editing, all by herself. “The reward and satisfaction is here, I love how I can do everything the way I like it to be,” says Ama.

Working on oneself is definitely not easy. With her new direction in the creative industry, she is focused and determined to bring us more good soulful music, all produced in her private studio. Check out her music here , music videos and live performances here, and subscribe to her updates here.

This is one of her live radio recordings at RTHK.

“I wish you love”




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    Oh I love Ama’s new series of works. Gadgets in everyday life turns into surreal paintings so beautifully!
    Nice to meet you at Landmark event, Grace!


    • Reply May 13, 2013


      Hi Sybil! Nice meeting you too =)
      Yes, Ama’s works are beautiful! I’m sure a lot more to come!
      Hope to see you again soon!

      G x

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