#TheTalks – Avant Glam Jewelry by Imogen Belfield

Imogen Belfield is one of my personal favorites in the grungy glam jewelry field. With her outstanding personal style and the focus on organic forms with natural elements including precious metals, bronze, porcelain, and gem stones (ahhh! All my favorite materials!), she has created a unique stance in fashion, winning various awards and collaborated with world famous designers such as Leane and Alexander McQueen. We had a chance to have a LUSH Talk with her on her inspirations and lifestyle.

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Imogen Belfield’s 2013 Collection




A few of her previous works that caught my attention.


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What made you decide going into crafting jewelries?

It began with some short silver-smithing courses in the arty village I grew up in Sussex. This really sparked my interest in metal work and ways with which I could adapt shape and form to adorn the body.

I always knew I wanted to be involved in something creative. My roots lie in fine art and sculpture- derivative of my schooling and art foundation course at Falmouth college of the arts. I suppose you could say my pieces are like miniature sculptures for the body given their raw and organic shapes and structures.

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Who is the most inspirational person to you when it comes to design and crafts? Does he/she have any works/ideas that influence your innovative thinking?

Well my style icon is Grace Jones! I am also heavily influenced by the Architects, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, as well as the artist Anish Kapoor, and Eduardo Paolozzi.

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Is there a muse that you design for?

I love extrovert perfomers, such as Prince, Grace Jones and Bjork.

What is your favorite song/music artist/movie?

Stevie Wonder ‘Higher Ground’ / David Bowie / The Artist

If you are to relocate yourself, where around the world would you pick? Why?

San Franciso, for the incredible art and creative scene there, the good weather, and because it is close to the sea.

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If you are to change your working field, what would it be?

I’d love to work with an Architect. Architecture and sculpture are two of my big passions and influences on my jewellery designs.

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Are there any other projects that you are working on or planning to work on?

I am traveling to Kenya, to work on a fair trade collaboration with MADE.

I shall be working directly with the skilled Artisans in Nairobi, learning from them, as well teaching them some skills of my own. Also being able to explore the local markets, sourcing glass, beads & fabrics, all of which may play a part in the jewellery collection we shall be making. The chance to be involved with such a dynamic and worthy company as MADE is a dream to me, and I can’t wait to start creating a jewellery collection that resonates the moral message of ethically sourced and sustainable jewellery.

Watch this video to see how high quality sustainable jewelries are made by MADE UK.

What are “attractiveness” and “sexiness” to you?

Someone who loves to deviate from convention and relish in a bit of glamour.


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