Ethan Hon, 2015 Parsons graduate, one of my most passionate friends in fashion creative field. I had a brilliant chat with him when he’s in Hong Kong, sharing the views on design and business.
Style.com named him as one who is “born to design” – which I think it’s pretty true. A few up-close-and-personal questions to this new creative talent for you below:
Since when did the thought of  “fashion” and “design” come to your mind? How did it start?
I think the idea of appreciating beautiful clothing came to me first. My first introduction to fashion came from my mom, who started buying designer clothes when I was 8 or 9 years old. When she wasn’t home, I would go into her closet to look at her clothes and flip them inside out to study the construction, the finishings and the fabrication. Once my little sister was born, my inner ego was to taking idea from my mom’s wardrobe to create similar clothes for my little sister. At this time, my mom gave me some pocket money every month, and I would save up for the entire year and spend it all on fabrics to make a collection for my little sister every summer holiday. This kind of practice solidified my confidence for fashion, established my own aesthetic, and strengthened my sewing skill.
What is the best and worst thing ever happened in your design path?
I think the worst thing and also the best thing that happened in my design path was being sabotaged by my classmates when I went to a fashion school back in Hong Kong. These people were insanely competitive, and they would do whatever they could to pull you down from the top if they thought you were their competitor. It took me about 4 years to forgive and forget the pain. After that, I tried to study something else and get a job in a different field in order to distract myself from fashion. Life is like being on a trampoline, it has ups and downs, and those four years were my downs. I am glad I had been very optimistic in my downfall. I knew that I would not stay at the bottom forever. In those four years, I had accumulated a great passion for going back to fashion. Part of me wanted to prove those people who sabotaged me wrong. Because of these people, I became stronger and clearer about my direction even though it took me years to figure out. My failure from the past became my stepping stone to success in fashion today.
Is there a person you have encountered giving you a “wow” and inspirational experience?
I think my mom is the “wow” person, who has been an inspirational figure for me. The way how she manages things in her life always surprised me.
If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?
This is a very tough question because I have never thought about being an animal. Hmm.. I guess would choose to be a Doberman, the reason is pretty silly. It is because the person I’m in love with is a fan of doberman. 
Craziest thought at this very moment?
Unconditionally falling in love for someone 
Do you have any projects coming up? 
Yes, I do. My art director McLayne Ycmat and I will collaborate with another photographer for a campaign shoot. This time we will have two male models instead of female models. My design is very unisex. I strongly believe that clothing doesn’t have gender, and nothing in the world should be genderized. 
Another project that I have coming up is to build my own company. 
Use three words to describe yourself.
Patient, Analytical, Passionate
Keep updated with his works here:
 Keep it up pal – amazing works with dedication!










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