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CSYS TALL floor lamp and CSYS TASK light

To many, design might be an aesthetic form of creation, but Jake Dyson’s design approach is to “step back to look into how to improve the technology of lighting”, a step further than purely appearance.

Having undergone 2 years of research and development, building testing chambers and workshops, buying every competitor’s LED lights from the market, ripping them apart and testing them, had discovered the quality problems each of them had. “Removing heat from LEDs is the most critical thing, and no one does it.”, says Jake Dyson, “there are a lot of existing LED lights that have not the life of the stated performance.”

Jake Dyson

Without setting a target customer type, the first thing Dyson focused on was the aim to breakthrough into the technology for an LED light that can last for life. For his CSYS project, he met with a professional in Malaysia, spent 3 hours talking about LED chips, discovering ways to drive it harder to make it bright, and ones that can last for life. They came to one conclusion – the LEDs need to be in -200C, which is basically liquid nitrogen that is impossible to put into a product.



The problem with overheating LED lights:

LED lights are blue in color. Together with the yellow phosphor on top of the diode, the light emitted is white. If the LED is over-heated, the phosphor cracks, and the light goes all greeny or pinky, resulting in inconsistency.


With the idea of semi-conductors, Dyson found the similarity in the cooling technology in computers – incorporating vacuum heat pipes. He then bought computers from different brands, dismantled them into pieces, and brought the heat pipes to the world’s biggest heat pipe manufacturing company in Malaysia, who had produced all of the heat pipes he showed them.  Having worked on the design of the heat pipes, they were produced specifically for Dyson’s CSYS products. They were the longest extrusion ever made to hold the pipes, overcoming the problem of fragility of the material, achieving straight casing for the pipes.

This technology breakthrough made it possible for a consistent LED light outcome, while extending the life-span to 160000 hours, at full brightness for 12 hours a day, which is equal to 37 years.

On the aesthetic side, the CSYS light is sleek and minimal, with a unique mechanism for sliding the light source easily up and down, and sideways in an XYZ coordinate system while staying at the position where you stop, exactly what the name suggests.

The CSYS TASK light was introduced in 2011, and this year, Jake Dyson launched the CSYS TALL floor lamp version. Provided with low energy consumption, no servicing required (no need for changing light bulbs as they last for 37years), beautiful light quality, and modern design, CSYS is perfect for domestic use, hotels, serviced apartments, lobby spaces, and office developments.

Jake Dyson with CSYS TASK lights at GURUS Hong Kong

Jake Dyson and me in GURUS shop


CSYS lights are available at GURUS in Hong Kong:

Shop A2-A3, G/F, 67 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 2891 0138





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