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Previously an architect, Louie fell in love with furniture design and have started his own company OUT OF STOCK 8 years ago. With various widely known clients such as Aesop, Lane Crawford, Christian Louboutin, he is very humble and share his personal views on quality living with us.

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When and how did your love for furniture come to mind?

When I was just around 10 years old, I lived in a small house with my parents. I loved to always move around the furniture so as to make it feel I had lots of space at home.
Lifestyle Experience Store2
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 OUT OF STOCK showroom
Is there a particular piece of furniture that is your ultimate favourite? Which one and why?
The Karimoku60 K Chair One Seater Standard Black is my favourite piece of furniture as it is cozy with a classic style which at the same time looks simple in design with tiny details.
Do you have that at your personal home/office? 
Yes, I have it at home, and use it every day when home.
If you have a limitation of only putting one piece of furniture into a cold space to make it warm and cozy, what would it be?
What is “home” to you?
It is a place where I can look ugly, walk around naked and feel completely relaxed.
Favourite corner at home
Louie’s favourite corner at home – the kitchen
You have started Out Of Stock for 8 years now, what was the most difficult situation you have undergone? 
It was in 2010 when our company was running out of cash flow. We tried hard to strive for a chance to join the furniture fair, IFFT 2010, in Japan and it was our first time gaining Japanese and international recognition on our products. And from that time onwards, we started our business relationship with some Japanese buyers and began our partnership with some Japanese furniture brands.
Work desk
His personal work desk
Do you have any advice for young creative entrepreneurs in Hong Kong?
Never give up on your dream.

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Describe yourself in 3 words.
Devoted, Loyal & Stupid.


It is always tough to be an entrepreneur as there are lots of problem solving involved. But don’t stop dreaming, and don’t stay dreaming. Louie’s achievements didn’t come easy, but it is a great example of realised dream.

Check out their showroom (in Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong) and online store here.



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