#TheTalks – The IT Girl . Model . DJ Eve Speciall


Eve Smith . DJ Eve Speciall

A Model . A DJ . She has it all.

The looks, the talent, the grooves, the attitude. She’s the true IT GIRL for all brands, no matter if it is a street style one or a luxury name. Hong Kong is lucky to have her, and so is LUSHGAZINE!



How did you become a model? When?
when i was 3 years old i caught my reflection in the back of a spoon and realised i was really really ridiculously good-looking.

Any interesting stories about modeling?
being the butch girl in a lesbian love-story editorial in a japanese magazine. one particularly shameful story involves a dog show… another was walking down the runway as a giant couture iced-biscuit.



What brought you to HK?
a friend from Tokyo showed my picture to Starz People here in HK and they thought i was a cutie. so i came out here to be a cutie and they liked me so i stayed!

How and when did you learn about DJing?
i bought some decks and taught myself in 2010

Where did you have your first gig/club night where you DJ? What kind of music and how did you feel?
truthfully, my career started with a lie… on my first night out in HK my friend Caitlin told Francis at Fly that i was a really good DJ, even though i was just starting out and she’d never heard me play. He offered me a residency on the spot and that’s how Wasted Wednesdays at Fly was born!

After doing modeling and DJing for a while, do you see a change in your style? How?
changed maybe not, but evolved… definitely. i’ve always been on my own style tip and as i’ve been DJing i’ve invested more dollars into clothes and accessories cause it aint cute to be photographed playing 5 gigs in the same outfit


Eve featuring GLUSH/ Oops! Orange Clutch

Do you have a muse in modeling and music? Who? Why do they attract you?
no muses… i should get one. can you buy one? do they have them in sham shiu po? but seriously i really admire certain artists… i guess Pharrell Williams would be my favourite on account of his visual and audio aesthetic. Oh and i just spent some time with singer/DJ Yasmin who has openied my eyes up to the opportunites out there for DJ’s… Yas is on the new Major Lazer album and she was a tour DJ for rapper Eve.

Apart from them, where do you get your inspirations from?
Japan, Hip Hop culture, K-Pop, Diplo, my gran.


featuring GLUSH/ Grassy Small Clutch

Do you know any other models DJ as well? If so, who? And how do you see yourself different?
No i don’t know any other model/DJ’s apart for Tomoya (HK/Japan), he’s dope! To be honest most “model”/DJ’s are not fashion models. There is a difference between someone who models professionally full-time and is represented my agencies around the world and then girls who just do test shoots. The title model/DJ invokes a typecast of big boobs, hair extensions, fake lashes and bikinis. Oh and grating EDM. So I see myself as a very different breed… and I see my modeling and DJing as being two separate professions that i actually take very seriously… but don’t get me wrong they are a lot of fun!

Name one thing that you think is “the love of your life” and you can’t live without it.
Francis and Butters (boyfriend and bulldog)


What’s your favorite hang out place in HK?
your mom’s place

What kind of places people never find you in?
the big shiny local clubs in LKF full of people who care about v.i.p tables and popping bottles. If they’re playing Pitbull you won’t find me there.


If you have a choice to pick somewhere to move to, where would it be? Why?
LA BABY! Cause i move there on MONDAYYYY

Any exciting projects coming up?
watch this space …

What is “sexiness” to you?
patrick starfish








Hong Kong is gonna miss you Eve!

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