Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon in Page Arizona is always on the top of my to-do-inspirations-list, and it didn’t disappoint. It is simply magical. different time of the day gives a different kind of light sipping through the gaps of the sandy stone, made by rain water flooding away the weak parts.


This is the entrance of the creek, after a 15min ride by the native Indians’ 4X4 (you will need to hire them to bring you in as this is part of their land).


Every single part is perfect for photos, as the curves are smooth and amazing.



“Your lights will shine when all else fades.” Truth as it is when the creativity strikes while nobody seems to understand. Patience and endurance will be shining with you.


2 days before we went, there was heavy rain washing a great pile of sand which raised the floor level by 15ft. And there we saw a few holes on the stone walls which were the marks from National Geographic’s set cameras some time ago, observing the water movements within the gaps.


And this finally gave me a chance to show you how I got my inspiration for my bag designs.


Top | Ralph Lauren

Shorts | J.Crew

Bag | GLUSH/


Be sure to visit this heaven before you die. If you want to catch some purple lights, make sure you go during the sunset. Leave me a message about how you feel after. Don’t need to thank me, because you know it’s awesome.



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