Yellowstone Blue Hot Springs

Being a city girl, this is my first road trip in America and it amazed me. Since I was a kid, I was already inspired by the power of nature but I never had the interest in getting close to it, until I started designing.

Yellowstone itself is one of the largest volcanos known and the colourful hot springs rest on top of this super system. I don’t want to make it sound like a Geography class but this is the basic information for you to know why this is such a beautiful place.

There are hundreds of springs and scenic sights in the area, and in this post, I will show you the harmonious blue hot springs.


I was told the bluer the spring water, the deeper it is.


This is my ultimate favourite of all – the Grand Prismatic Spring. The most iconic and vivid one in the park. Blue smoke arises from the hotness of this gigantic boiling pond.





These amazing nature findings gave me all the inspirations I needed for my bag designs. Just like this one above.



Whenever I travel, I hunt for textures and details, take photos, and store in my personal design inspiration library. The tranquility I found in these images is completely linked to my experience being there, and will never fade.



The whole blue natural tone is quiet with a subtle charm in it.

Do all things with love” – simple, yet powerful. I do believe everything created in nature has a reason and somehow thoughtful, by whoever it was. Stay true, and love will never fail us.

I have a lot more to share on this awesome US trip. Stick around!


Shoes, bracelets, soap, eau de parfum by Hermès

Bag by GLUSH/

Location at Yellowstone Wyoming




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