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People say Singapore is very much like Hong Kong, but I find it quite interesting… The people, the city planning, the greenery, the infrastructure…etc are very different. The vibe is totally different.

Here I’d like to take a little moment to salute to Mr. Lee Kwan Yew to his brilliant works on the city development. I went for a short trip few weeks ago and there are a few spots worth sharing here. A little preparation for you guys though – I haven’t been there for more than a decade so I might sound a bit touristy!





I always go for boutique hotels whenever I travel – as I find them more interesting and personalised in terms of service. There is always a feeling that I’d find something surprising in there – almost like a treasure hunt. Naumi Hotel is my pick this time – they have undergone a big renovation and now offer a few designer rooms: Nirwana (inspired by Andy Warhol), and Gabrielle (Coco Chanel inspired). I had a peak inside the Nirvana room, photos as below.


It is a very spacious room, with a fun air-filled lounge chair (the stripy one on the right).IMG_3994

The bath tub has a round sliding partition, you can open it all up or close it for a more private area.IMG_3995

I have been staying in this gorgeous Gabrielle suite, with a simple yet elegant flare.



The bathroom is equipped with sliding doors as well, and there’s this magical glass where there’s a switch to turn the visibility on or off as you wish.IMG_4016

The whole color scheme matches with my Longchamp bag doesn’t it?



So this is what it looks like inside the bathroom. I had my birthday dip first thing in the morning and it felt so good!




And up on the roof, there’s a bar and a small yet cozy infinity pool, overlooking Raffles hotel, where the famous cocktail Singapore Sling was invented at its Long Bar.




Opposite to the hotel is this beautiful store called Foundry, selling lifestyle products and hand-made furniture by the owner.



This table is perfect for my work studio, simple and made with my favourite wood.



There is this Museum of Toys 2mins away from the hotel, opened privately by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr George Yeo in 2006 for the display of his very own collection of all the special and limited editions.


There is a restaurant in the basement with an American diners flare.



And on the roof top, it’s a bar. Apparently it is a popular hang-out spot on Friday nights or weekends.



There are various sections inside the building – from outer space to oldies theme. Each floor is a different one. I see quite a lot of familiar looking characters like Tin Tin, Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Batman…etc. Quite a lot of them are the only piece known to be existing in the world – you can see the estimated value of them in the photos below.






Back then toys were mainly made with metal. These tankers alongside with hundreds of trains, cars, and boats were my personal favorites as they give a more substantial and original touch with age.


Back on the ground floor was my little spot where I bought a few old-school toys for my niece and nephew. Very affordable prices yet beautiful – at least to me, don’t know what the kids were thinking when they received them haha.



There are lots of little shop around Haji Lane area but only a few looking more interesting and can be named “select shops”.  Threadbare & Squirrel is one of the few nice ones with good product selections. One of my friend’s accessories Josie Chen Range are stocked there too.





Right next to that shop is this café where we had pretty good pasta. Contemporary yet casual, you can see the most popular lifestyle magazine Kinfolk in there acting as part of decorations.



Too bad we were too stuffed… I saw the waffles and desserts on the next table were awesome!



The Mandarin Gallery is an interesting shopping arcade in the city centre. What seems like a building from the 80s is actually where cool select stores and a wide range of hip restaurants hide.

Sacha & Sons is a typical American deli in there where we had a great meal after a day of walking and shopping.



The best thing of the meal is the mustard! We bought a jar but was told to chuck it at the airport because we forgot it’s in our hand-carry luggage. Argh…



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