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Great news in Hong Kong design sector! I’ve actually been longing for something like Insight School of Interior Design for years! Although I’m a bag designer, I’ve always been interested in architecture and interior design – always amazed by how you can play around with the space and create cool feelings when you enter a place.

I went for an introduction class for interior design for small spaces with Eve Mercier, founder of the school, interior designer and art historian who has worked with Christie’s. Before I tell you about the class, I have to show you how beautiful and peaceful the school is:


Cute reception with a cute mirror here.


First thing in the morning is coffee – from this gorgeous pantry! Eve mentioned that these wooden panels are just basic affordable ones that they have painted a hint of white on the surface. Now I wanna make one at home…



I admit I am a bit crazy for stones… not a lot of people pay attention to these swatches behind the table but I spotted them the first step in!


Insight 1

This is the classroom – THAT TABLE is to die for!!!

Insight 2

At the class, Eve went through a few case studies like Eve’s previous projects in London, with fun facts and amazing works done in the tiny 32 sqm flat by Hong Kong interior designer Gary Chang, with all movable walls and rooms. You can probably find his book everywhere like PageOne.

Afterwards, we did some exercise on an actual project that she had worked on, with all the limitations and client’s needs in the picture. Definitely a cool way to discover how different each one of us interprets/transforms the same space into their own language.


The school offers various diploma courses, full-time / part-time, or short courses on interior design, CAD drawings, art history, lighting design…etc. Check the details here.

A Saturday well spent. This came in the perfect timing of the year – I have promised myself to be a sponge and learn as much as I can for 2015, on all the interests I have for all these years since I was little!


Insight School

24/F, Federal Centre, 77 Sheung On Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2114 2021


Keep the inspirations coming!
Merry Christmas & a Superb 2015 guys!!



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