Rent this 80 acres Airbnb & drive an Audi R8

(Photo credits to Audi and Airbnb)

(Photo credits to Audi and Airbnb)

Before reading about all the details below, try to book this Airbnb on 18 Sept 2016 from 6pm PDT. in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. Only selected guests of 7 bookings (3-day stay) will be served, with the following details:

  • USD610/night
  • Accommodates: 4
  • airport transportation from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
  • private chef
  • Day 2 – on and off the road in an Audi R8 with professional drivers
  • Day 3 – head to the airport via chauffeur driver
  • *You and your guests must be over 25 years old, with a valid US driver’s license

To give you a bit of background, Audi (Emmy’s sponsor this year) is partnering up with Airbnb to offer an amazing driving experience for fans, in the vast freeway in Death Valley. Those lucky few will get to enjoy this affordable luxurious escape to an Airbnb which does not have an address but just GPS co-ordinates. Located on a remote stretch of land near Scotty’s Junction, Nevada, guests will be staying in an isolated luxury home in the middle of the desert. Along with the home the guests will also get keys to an Audi R8 Coupe, which you can test drive without speed limit on the 80 acres dry lake bed.

Audi and Airbnb will be hosting seven guest stays in October. Beginning Sept. 18, a new set of dates will be released for booking each day through Sept. 24. Booking will open each day at 6 p.m. PDT.



Good Luck!

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