NOTTEVERA CEO Sam Hinedi reveals his career transition from finance to fashion and his secret to overcoming challenges

A chat with Sam Hinedi, founder and CEO of New York based label NOTTEVERA.

What made you change your career from finance to fashion?

Early on in my finance career, I was assigned to manage customers in the Fashion & Beauty industries, a task that allowed me to gain valuable insights and a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful lifestyle brand. As years passed by, I started toying with the idea of launching my own label. I found my new calling. I eventually quit my job and launched NOTTEVERA.

What is your most valuable asset as CEO of your business?

As NOTTEVERA‘s CEO, I am responsible for setting the strategic course for the company and for creating and maintaining a positive and constructive organizational culture. To that effect, staying connected with those who execute my vision within the organization is of paramount importance. I am talking about the need to develop and maintain a close relationship with my team – the designers, the craftsmen, the marketing people, the salespersons, etc. I cannot stress enough the importance of such relationships for the success of the Company.

Where do you see NOTTEVERA in the coming 5 years?

We have ambitious goals for the next 5 years. We intend to keep growing into our core US market and concurrently expand into promising new international markets, primarily in Asia. We have already identified such markets and expect to make some important announcements in due course.

Any advice to new fashion labels on starting their own businesses?

This is a very tough industry. You must be really passionate about what you’re doing and you must believe in yourself because if you don’t no one will. Know yourself as a designer, know your customer, have a plan, choose your team carefully and, above all, never give up a controlling interest in your business.

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