I Hailed a Cab at Singapore Grand Prix 2015

It was an ad hoc trip to Singapore for Grand Prix this year – a short yet eventful one. It was basically filled with cars, food, and great chats.


Don’t laugh… I know this book makes me look like a geek, but since I’m never a fiction person, and that’s the only non-fiction and non-magazine book from the selection on the plane, I found it quite funny to read!


: Where we stayed :


We landed quite late at night and was greeted with this cute F1 desserts by The Four Season’s Hotel.


This is my favourite corner of the hotel. Wearing Camilla and Marc jumpsuit.


: Grand Prix :


We did a pit walk, around the pit area (obviously) and part of the circuit. Seeing how those guys work there was simply amazing. Reminded me of Luigi the cute little repair guy from the animation Cars.



I had great fun and went a bit crazy on the track – hailing a cab (the safety car) and got friendly honking beep-beep by the driver!

FullSizeRender 1212


We were sitting above the pit, and I could finally take a photo of our friend’s car SPARK!


We were playing around with another friend’s lens, and this is my favourite photo that I took. Professional photographers won’t accept this as the front was cut off. But my point of view is it went so fast and got out of the frame.


: Around the Circuit :


We had a little stroll around the circuit and this Cavenagh Bridge gave me an inspirational hit. I have seen it but never been on it before, and walking on it made me feel like a queen as it was somehow the only majestic thing in the commercial modern area. There were signs saying “No cattle or horses” on this suspension bridge which was built in 1870, next to the grand Fullerton Hotel. I already have a full picture of what to dress when I revisit next time.



: Where We Ate:


Photo credit to PS Cafe

I had a brilliant brunch with my business friend here at PS Cafe right on Orchard Road where all the major shopping malls are.


Great chillaxing place and of course when you are with a good friend, you could easily spend a day there.


And before we left for the flight back to HK, we went to this beautiful restaurant The Halia inside the Botanic Garden. The food was brilliant, and the Singapore Sling there was strong. I went a bit tipsy before getting on the plane.


: Being a Pilot :


Our plane was delayed due to the insufficient space in HK Airport, so that spared us time to play pilot! I have learnt the basics (the on/off switches to the engine, the steering, auto-pilot control…etc)!


And this above showed a map of the HK Airport, basically a parking directory.


Great fun to have witty pilots on the plane!


Wearing J.Crew jacket and trousers, Sass and Bide beaded top, GLUSH/ tote bag, vintage hat.




“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Continue to be spontaneous and open for inspirations to come.



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As a daughter of an entrepreneur and being one herself, Grace has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as 7 years of crafting content to G Edition, her very own edition of experience sharing in work and travel. She is a full-time bag designer and manufacturer, part-time traveler, and a lover of creative crafts.


  • Reply September 29, 2015


    Hey my colleague’s brother in law was the safety car driver that beeped you! Hope to see you next time youre in Singers! x

    • Reply September 29, 2015


      Omg awesome to know that Charley! May I know his name? Would like to credit him for the beeping :)

      And yes, definitely give you a shout when I come to Singapore next – make sure you give me tips on the secret hot spots! Xx

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