Stay Happily Organized with Receipts

Two simple tips to keep a happy mind when organizing your expenses receipts

As a solopreneur, I understand that we think we have to do everything ourselves and we tend to procrastinate big time when it comes to annoying tasks like filing receipts. I used to put receipts aside for a few months, hoping that they would magically disappear one day. Obviously, that’s not a solution to anything. I came up with a plan to beautify this process, while keeping a positive mind doing it – perhaps these two utterly simple steps would be helpful for you too.

1. Keep your receipts in a nice simple jar

Receipts are often of different sizes, and they keep coming almost every day. Keeping them in the wallet is plain eyesore, not to say they add a lot of weight to the bag. I have found a nice glass jar to gather all my receipts every week, so it can also look organized on the work desk. I would suggest to have a transparent one to remind yourself of clearing the jar regularly.

2. Clear the jar weekly, alongside with your most enjoyable drink at your favorite corner of your studio

Set aside an hour a week to clear the jar and file the receipts properly. Make this a pleasant time by choosing your favorite place within your work space (preferably with well-lit sunlight), alongside your favorite drink. If you are a coffee addict like me, I would recommend this easy Nespresso iced macchiato recipe to you (under 3mins):

  • Half or full glass of ice
  • 2 shots of Intenso on Ice
  • Cold foam milk (can be made with Aeroccino 4 machine in one minute)

*I personally love to add cinnamon powder and a few freeze dried strawberries on top to bring out the aroma.

I might actually try some coffee cocktails later on, as my weekly filing time is normally on Fridays – will be sharing the recipes with you here if I succeed. Do you have your own awesome drinks or ways to make this boring filing tasks fun? If so, do share with me!

As a daughter of an entrepreneur and being one herself, Grace has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as 7 years of crafting content to G Edition, her very own edition of experience sharing in work and travel. She is a full-time bag designer and manufacturer, part-time traveler, and a lover of creative crafts.

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