#TheTalks with Designer of FACETASM Hiromichi Ochiai

Kenneth Cheung (Champion), Lee Tak Shing (1st Runner Up), and Gim Wong (2nd Runner Up and Best Footwear and Accessories Design)

Kenneth Cheung (YDC 2016 Champion, middle), Lee Tak Shing (1st Runner Up, right), and Gim Wong (2nd Runner Up and Best Footwear and Accessories Design, left)

Mr. Hiromichi Ochiai, Designer of FACETASM

Mr. Hiromichi Ochiai, Designer of FACETASM

The Hong Kong Young Designers’ Contest 2016 has just wrapped up last Saturday, showcasing high standard of creativity on the mix of textile, forms, and craftsmanship. We have previously visited ex-finalist Kurt Ho‘s studio before the show, and this time, we have the honour to chat with YDC 2016 VIP judge Mr. Hiromichi Ochiai, Designer of Japanese label FACETASM and LVMH Prize finalist, about his views on the show this year, his creative business, and encouraging advice to designers who are starting their own labels.

1. Being an internationally acclaimed fashion designer today with your label FACETASM founded in 2007, could you share your story about how it all started?

We were very challengeable, and our creation matched the trend.

2. As a creative entrepreneur, what is the most important element to be successful?

It took a lot of time, but constructing your original style is very important.

3. During the process of building up your fashion label, what are the biggest challenges you have encountered? 

I am involved with lots of projects through the year, so I always ask myself if my creation is not going off-course.

4. What do you see in the contestants’ works in YDC 2016?

They were very good at facing the creativity. Some had a good sense of balancing the creation and the business side.

5. What advice would you give to the up and coming design talents?

There is no border in the fashion industry. Please challenge the world.

Congratulations again to all the winners and participants for the hard work, while overcoming this challenge. Go for your goals and be challengeable – I have taken Mr. Ochiai’s encouragement, have you?

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