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In continuation with my previous post, this is to share my personal experiences at Tokyo Design Week 2016. We had great fun and spent 7 hectic yet fruitful days there, showcasing my bag label GLUSH/, meeting new friends from around the world both inside and outside the business.

Apart from product designs, there are various fields of innovative works exhibited at the event, such as color changing electronic paper watches and materials by SONY, Virtual Reality experiences by Panasonic, architectural works by Japanese architects and university students, robotic performances by several engineering companies and manufacturers such as Murata. It was like a futuristic living exhibition, where holographic control panels are almost at every other booth. See photos from the slideshow above to see what we saw.

An interesting thing is that half of the people we have met at the event were from Taiwan, China, and US. Apparently there were a lot of staff at the tech-related booths who were hired for their Mandarin language skills. While a few business universities from Taiwan were exhibiting their final year students’ business projects, where they all had to come up with a viable business idea and work it out with a year-long support from the institute. This enables students to be well prepared for the business environment before graduation, and continue to build the same business once they finish with school. It is such a great idea, I so wish I had this experience before I started my own business!

I would like to share with you a short video of what I saw at the event:


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