Grand Teton of Rocky Mountains

I have came across to the most beautiful and cozy airport – the Jackson Hole Airport. We landed with this sunset.




The first thing that came to greet me was this Moose, and the 3m wide owl with wings flapping.


It was quite late when we checked into the lodge, and restaurants were all closed. After a grumpy hungry night with energy bars, we were treated by this at the lobby. I mean, this was like a painting – I was trying to reconfirm if it was, but when I pushed open the door to the terrace, it was surreal.



Grand Teton gave us a pleasant surprise! Being part of the Rocky Mountains, it showed off the “grand” bit to us.


“We are as blind as we want to be” – Maya Angelou. Which part do you want to focus on here? No shades needed, no matter how bright the sun shined.



On the way back after a few days at Yellowstone (more on the beauty in this post), the sun was setting, and we have decided to stop and wait for the amazing colours to change.



In only an hour, the sky greeted us with its utmost beauty. It is the best filter in itself.


” Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.” – Virginia Woolf. None of the other parts of the world looks the same but they are all put in harmony. Drawing inspirations from the greatest creative power is probably the best for designs, and personal focus. When things get a bit blurry, it might be time to adjust the focus – but it totally depends on where you want it to be.


Leather jacket by Zara

Jeans by J Brand

Bag by GLUSH/

Sunglasses by 80s Purple

Location at Grand Teton




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