True Tranquility in Darkness in The Empty Gallery

It was almost pitch black when the lift door opened. In a 30sf black space. We had to use our mobile torch app to find the door bell into The Empty Gallery. That “click” sound with the door lock opened was like opening the lock to your heart, without any clue what we should expect happening next.

Pitch black corridor with a few footsteps… we were greeted by this what seemed like a birdcage with a bird flapping its wings, with some pleasant birdy sound. But it was actually a mechanical feature making the magic.



They are “Cristo Fue y Guacamaya” by Venezuelan musician and artist Ruben D’Hers. Surreal indeed.


This gap of daylight was the only “window” in the space, completely opposite to what we would expect from a brightly lit gallery.


This installation “In Curved Water” by Japanese sound artist Tomoko Sauvage was the most dramatic one. Sounded like we were in a cave in iceland. Those dripping sounds with echoes were made by the natural melting of these ice blocks hung from the ceiling.




Minimal, yet powerful.


I seldom do videos but this is necessary. Listen to this below… it might help with your meditation session.



Large Stonegarden” by Rolf Julius might seem like a silent piece but you will have to be there in person to discover the sound of nature.


STRONGLY recommend a personal visit to this Sonorous Objects exhibition. You will have a truly amazing experience which words can’t describe.

The Empty Gallery from now till 21 October 2015

19/F, Grand Marine Center, 3 Yue Fung St., Aberdeen, Hong Kong


Keep your mind clear and free to accept whatever comes next.



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