Unusual Hotels of the World

If you prefer “experiences” in travel, rather than shopping, this page is for you. Below is a list of top unusual hotels of the world, which you might find useful while planning your next adventurous vacation.


1. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse Vancouver, Canada

(photo credits to Free Spirit Spheres)

Eve (sleeps 1), Eryn (sleeps up to 3) and Melody (sleeps up to 2) are three spherical tree houses of Free Spirit Spheres, suspended in a patch of Vancouver Island forest. They have been suspended in a way that you can sway in time with the trees. Definitely not the normal hotels you check into every trip. Rates from US$175-314/night. Book here.

2. The Cabin Northern Sweden

(Photo credits to tree hotel)
Designed by architect Mårten Cyrén & Gustav Cyrén of Cyrén & Cyrén, The Cabin was constructed in 2010. This treehouse is like a capsule, a foreign body in the trees. The room is 24m² and accommodates two people, with a double bed, bathroom and terrace. And there is free wifi in the woods!

There is an authentic BnB service from a local couple very close by, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in an authentic 1930-1950’s setting. There’s a restaurant, bar, sauna and relaxation area, TV, and internet for you to stay connected. Reserve here.

3. The Mirrorcube Northern Sweden

(photo credits to the Mirrorcube)

Being under the same Treehotel management, the Mirrorcube is an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings. The interior of this 4x4x4 metres cube is made from plywood with a birch surface. The six windows provide a stunning panoramic view, while a beautiful 12-meter bridge leads up to the tree room.

It accommodates two people with a double bed, bathroom, lounge and a rooftop terrace. Shower and sauna is located in two separate buildings close by, and will have the same BnB service coverage as The Cabin. This is probably the most media-covered unusual hotels ever. Click here for booking details.

4. The Bird’s Nest Northern Sweden

(photo credits to the Bird’s Nest)

Yet another great accommodation choice by the Treehotel group. This Bird’s Nest was designed in 2010 to cater 4 people, by architect Bertil Harström of Inredningsgruppen. There are one double bed and two single beds, perfect for a small family. The room is 17m² and has separate bedrooms, bathroom, and living area. Free Wifi is provided, and shower/sauna is located in two separate buildings close by.

You enter the Bird’s Nest with the help of a retractable staircase, which might make you feel more like a bird in the woods. Again, breakfast is provided as The Cabin. Book here.

5. Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam

(photo credits to Crane Hotel)

I would consider this crane in Amsterdam a treehouse definitely. Back in the 40s, large ocean-going ships were built at the NDSM shipyard (where the crane is) in Amsterdam. In the recent decade, creative and enterprising residents have repurposed the area but the crane has remained in place, reflecting the industrial heritage and entrepreneurship of the region. Attracted by this free spirit, many international companies – especially in media – have established their headquarters around the crane.

There are three suites up in the crane: Free Spirit, Secret, and Mystique. The Free Spirit suite is a split level, 36 meters size suite located 35 meters above the ground, overlooking the IJ lake. Secret is 5 meters above Free Spirit, while Mystique is the top suite of all. Click here to learn more about Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel.


Glamping Sites

1. White Desert Anartica

(photo credits to White Desert)

White Desert is a glamping (glam camping) site in Antartica made up of Igoo-like bubble pods. Six of them are designated for sleeping (each accommodating two guests). The addition ones house a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge and a library. This could be an idea for ski and penguin lovers. Book here.

2. Little Kulala Namibia, Africa

(photo credits to Little Kulala)

Looking for stars and elephants? This outdoor safari hotel room in Africa is what you are looking for. You can sleep outdoors or dip in your private plunge pool in a luxury setting, even if you don’t have any experience camping (hotel staff will take great care of you). There are hot-air balloon tours and guided drives as well. Click here for more details of this romantic hotel.

3. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Finland

How can I not include these Igloos for glamping? The beddings might not be the best in taste but hey, it’s for the overall experience of northern lights in a glass dome of your own. Each pod is good for a couple. Check here for more info.

4. Bubble Tents Anywhere

(photo credits to Honeyweb)

Speaking of Igloos, you can get your own bubble tent and bring it anywhere you like for a real kind of private glamp-site. How about one for the backyard as a work-studio? Buy it here.

On the sea

1. No Man’s Fort UK

(photo credits to No Man’s Fort)

This fort has a history of 150 years. During WWI, No Man’s Fort became navy signalling stations. During WWII the fort came into its own as defences for the Portsmouth dockyard and the approaching sea channels. After the war, it was unused since 1956, and was open for sale in 1963 but no one invested in this historic landmark until the 1980s. In 2009 construction work began and this fort was opened in 2012 as a luxurious hotel. If you are interested in being on the sea with a sense of protection (of the fort), this might be a safe yet exciting way to experience. There are a few forts available to experience, book these historic unusual hotels here.

More unusual yet cool hotels coming up when I discover more. This was supposed to be my private to-go list, but it’s probably better to share with everyone, right? If you have any quirky ones to add, leave a comment or email me at info@gedition.co !

Grace x

As a daughter of an entrepreneur and being one herself, Grace has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as 7 years of crafting content to G Edition, her very own edition of experience sharing in work and travel. She is a full-time bag designer and manufacturer, part-time traveler, and a lover of creative crafts.

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